Sunday, September 12

Drugged and Dragged

Gimme the poison,
Inject it in my vein,
Give me a higher dose,
So that it lessens the pain ..
All that I did for you,
Was indeed in-vain,
Little things that made it look big,
Memories slowly turning into grain.

So little did I expect from you,
So little did you care,
So little it mattered to you,
So little you did to make it look fair.

My heart has stopped aching,
My brain says 'It's Alright' ,
Guess thats how God wants me to be strong,
And fight this with all my might ...

What is left of us will fade as well,
What we made out of ourselves- will become a nice story for you to tell,
What I have become now might not seem to be good,
But I assure you, you will get this back one day, OH YES, You Would ...